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Open Space: Ho99o9
The relationship between punk rock and rap is much clearer than one may think. Both genres favor that rebellious, fuck the police mentality. And while the two genres may sound completely different, when bridged together it creates a beautiful harmony. And that is the energy that Ho99o9 brings to music.

“Nobody makes rules for me, I don’t follow nobody’s rules, I do the fuck I want when I want,” Eaddy told MASS APPEAL for our latest episode of “Open Space”

Born in Newark New Jersey, rappers TheOGM and Eaddy make up Ho99o9 (pronounced “horror,”) one of the most genre-bending hip hop groups at the moment. The group just dropped their debut album, United States Of Ho99o9, in May and it is filled with heavy bars and power chords. However, Eaddy wants to make it clear that Ho9909’s music should not be dismissed as aggressive, horror-core hip hop.

“That’s what Ho9909 is for us. It is not just some fantasy dude running around with a fucking axe. There is some real shit going on like politics, religion, and the streets you know,” Eaddy told MASS APPEAL.

For example, on the track “City Rejects,” the duo told MASS APPEAL that its a track focused on being African Americans fighting the system and that its for everyone out there that feels rejected.

“It’s not about being cool, how many people you know or what you are wearing,” TheOGM told MASS APPEAL. “When you’re making a track you need to say something, we ain’t doing this for shits and giggles and looks.”

Check out the rest of our Open Space with Ho9909 to learn how the group got into punk rock, how they feel about recording in the studio versus performing wild live shows, their favorite horror flicks and staying independent.

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